Braughton got the trots in her office and didn't make it to the can. This is one of those sent-from-Heaven events that embarrasses the most arrogant of soccer moms.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 30, 2005
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A word used to call someone (usually a female) A form of a hoe or thot but it’s worse. Orginated in Boston, Jackson square
Tynaija sucked all my bros, she’s really a trot
by Glitttttpow May 26, 2018
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Being in the temporary condition of having one wicked ass case of diarrhea where you are unable to be away from a toilet for more than five minutes without some form of preventative measures such as five Imodium AD which is loraprimide sodium HCL. This binds the liquid matter making it possible to avoid depends and function and or sleep. The trots can refer to a faction of the diarrhea family known as sterroreha. (Spelling ?) It is when your bowel movement is not total liquid and chunks fly out and hit the water making noise and sound like some hard soled shoes hitting the ground as someone trots down the sidewalk. The sounds of the matter hitting the water reflects a pattern simmilar to foot steps.
"How are you feeling today honey?"
"My Crohn's disease is acting up. I have some symptoms still which can be dealt with with my pills but the one thing holding me back from work is a gnarly case of the trots. I can't go away from the toilet for more than five minutes. Can you pick up some Imodium AD for me? I am sick of feeling bloated and my ass is chapped from wiping ten times a day. Gotta love those trots."
by Bib Fortuna June 13, 2007
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Loose bowels. The drizzy shits.
Braughton got the trots at her office this morning and didn't make it to the can.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 30, 2005
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Trotskyite Communists, individually (singular) and collectively (plural, more usual). This approach to communism seeks to spread it around the world, rather than to consolidate the system in the home country. From Leon Trotsky. Used because of its potential links to the trots.
This lead "The Trotskyite faction disrupted the Maoist speaker at the Party Convention" could be re-written as a headline: "Maoist speaker interrupted by a dose of the Trots."

The way those Trots carry on gives me the trots.
by Red Fred January 31, 2009
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