He girl you don't stand a chance because he is on the other team.
by Jan Lebesque April 24, 2006
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a term used to describe one who has just come out of the closet and is gay.
Chelsea: hey Brendan is soooo hot, omg

Lauren: yeah...but he is totally playing for the other team, he's gay

Chelsea: are you kidding me???

Lauren: yeah he's definitely a shortstop
by sauce kid February 23, 2009
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An expression used to refer one who is gay, therefore he/she plays for the gay team. One can be drafted from the gay team to the straight team, but often return to the gay team.
"He plays for the other team." - Jerry Seinfeld
by Mister D November 25, 2004
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an each other team is a team of two people, therefore, they have each other.

also known as a partnership.
"You are a great team player in our partnership."

"Yeah, we make a great each other team."
by whoa_username November 7, 2021
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One who "plays for the other team" is gay.

Basically if someone were to say "she plays for the other team" it would mean she plays for women who like women not women who like men. It's an expression to say someone is gay men (They don't really have their own term to my knowlage) plays for men who like men or Nb who like men, lesbian plays for women who like women or Nb who like women, or skoliosexual plays for nbs that like nbs, or nbs that like men/women
"I have a crush on Ivan"
"Sorry, it's not gonna work out... He plays for the other team"
"Oh well that's too bad"
by DRVR123 October 19, 2020
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The Philadelphia Eagles. Largely forgotten about in most of PA. A rather invisible team with no trophies or bragging rights. A team that truly always chokes at the last minute. Should be purchased as a farm team for the Pennsylvania Steelers.
Michael Vick was given probation by being forced to play for Pennsylvania's OTHER team.
by dickfitzentite February 6, 2011
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