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When you run up on a yute and splash him with acid
Splashing-throwing acid
by Mandemman July 10, 2019
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Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it."
The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.
by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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The way of preparing a diluted drink in a strip club for the strippers only, patrons keep buying their strippers drinks, if they weren't diluted, the girls would be too inebriated to work. The patrons get their drinks mixed per usual. The strippers get mixed drinks with extra ice, where the mixer is poured first, such as coca-cola, then the bartender 'splashes' the liquor on top, so that if the patron sniffs the drink or takes a sip to make sure he isn't getting ripped off (for overpaying for drinks anyway), the liquor will taste quite strong.
Friend to Stripper: How do you drink like 20 drinks a nite and not get drunk?

Stripper: Oh the bartender dilutes our drinks, hmmm, I probably only drink the equivalent of 4 drinks the whole nite thanks to splashing. And mine are mixed with diet cola, have to watch the calories too haha.
by July 25, 2009
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When a girl or guy pees lightly so it runs down the gooch and proceeds to fart sending it splashing onto the receiver.
Johnny was caught splashing his girlfriend in church.
by Rudarudd July 28, 2011
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Wearing an outfit with an obvious dominate and central color.
Last night I wore a red hat, red shirt and all red shoes. I was definitely splashing.
by Agent_K September 27, 2010
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a verb meaning the act of pissing in ones drink. Most commonly a factor and parties and gatherings where alchoholic beverages are served. Most splashings happen when someone leaves their drink in the care of someone else for any period of time long enough to unzip pants. Most common splashers are assholes and drunken idiots.
Rudy: hey watch my drink i have to piss
Curran: ok
(few minutes later)
Rudy: whatd u do this tastes funny.
Curran: nothing

Rudy: whatever(chugs glass)
Curran whispering to richard: i just splashed all over his drink
by John Ritz March 27, 2005
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when someone has very good looking waves in their hair. usually occurring with those black people who wear du-rags all the time
daaamn u see tyrone's hair? that nigga splashing
by b-nice326435767 January 12, 2009
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