Jamaican slang for youth,young person or child.
she have a yute fi me.
by Jamaican - S.W. October 8, 2003
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u likkle yute!
by Nathan September 22, 2003
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A Jamaican slang term for youth, meaning young adult or a child.
Dah yute be uglyy...” says poor little Suzy about to die from:

n o u”
by lоris May 20, 2019
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term used to address someone.
person: "my yute, shut up before u receive a defaz"
yute: "im sorry please dont hurt me!"
"hes a good yute, styll."
by niguhbalsz February 6, 2021
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"The two yutes--"
"Two whaa? What was that word?"
"huh? What word?"
"Two whaa?"
"Did you say 'yutes'?"
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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Yute is the Spanish name for Jute, a coarse vegetable or bast fiber traditionally used to make Burlap or Hessian and Gunny Bags. The major species of Jute are Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius.

Names of Jute in other languages:
1. Chinese, Japanese, Korean = Huangma (Yellow Hemp)
2. Italian = Iuta, Juta, Corcoro
3. Russian & Allied Languages = Dzhut
4. Arabic & Allied Languages = Lif Khysha (Burlap Fiber)
5. German = Jutefaser
6. French = Chanvre du Bengale (Bengal Hemp)
Sacos de Yute (Jute Sacks)
by Asif Anwar July 11, 2006
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