Wave is the hype like what everyone is doing
Whats is the wave? Playing Baskteball today is the wave
by Dexterway April 8, 2017
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The wave is a sacred and required unwritten oath that applies to everyone who purchases a Chevrolet Corvette. The oath is agreed to upon the purchase of the vette with absolutely no exceptions.

The wave states that while you are in your Corvette, you must signal any fellow Corvette drivers with a friendly (yet extremely manly) wave to acknowledge their presence and their fine taste in automobiles.

Any driver who does not return the wave is a disgrace to the Corvette community, and just looks like a total douche.

No exceptions.
"I was in my C5 Z06 last week, saw a sick C6 rolling down in my direction, so I gave the fella the wave.

He didn't return the wave, so I followed him to his home and burned his house down."
by YHHAWNFTPSHI April 2, 2009
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its a kind gesture that people do to say hi or say good bye and that's called the wave

e.g. hi (that's when you wave or you don't have to wave)
hi -waves- nice to meet you

hi -waves- nice to meet you to
whats up -waves-

definition the wave is a kind gesture to greet someone
not much you

same not much
oh ok
well bye -waves-
by MattyBoi07 May 24, 2019
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Termed as "the wave" or "wave." When applied in the context of motorcycle riding, "The Wave" is a gesture by you or the other rider that acknowledges another rider's presence. It is usually done when passing the other motorcyclist in the opposite direction, or when you're passing him/her in the same direction or at a stoplight. Common gestures include a quick salute, an outstretched hand or arm or finger. Usually deemed as a "friendly" gesture. Use of derogatory gestures are not considered part of "the wave." Other gestures that can be considered in "the wave" category include nodding of your helmet. "The wave" may not be used by all motorcyclists and some, such as squids, only use "the wave" to acknowledge other squids.
I could tell that guy was a squid... he snubbed my wave
by Daffe June 18, 2003
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A sexual manuever: while giving it to your girl doggy style, push her head into the pillow, pull out, have your friend come out of the closet and resume fucking her while you slip out onto the porch. Commence waving.
That bitch shat on my dick when she got a wiff of the wave.
by Fuzzy Chrons November 14, 2005
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n. - hand gesture signaling the speaker to get to his/her point and shut the hell up.
Senator McCain, wrap it up please. Don't make me use the wave.
by Barry Smith ! October 8, 2008
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when sacco's friends make motions to show that they know his secret past.
We gave sacco the wave, over and over again during precalc.
by Viewer February 25, 2003
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