Woman: I just got back from the slammer.

Man: Your time there must have been tough.
by Mearthfromearth December 31, 2014
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Being drunk and belligerent beyond all control. Having no memory of events due to being blacked out trashed.
Yanicki went to Wild Wing and chugged a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea because he didn't alter the drink, which led to him becoming slammerated shortly thereafter.
by WPMIV December 12, 2010
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So damn drunk, it's like the alcohol slammed you in the head with a hammer => slammered = slammed + hammered
It's friday, 4pm... time to get slammered!
by Frisko June 16, 2006
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Prison or jail named because doors normally slam when they are closed in a place like that
by Phairman Buckets December 1, 2016
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A slammer is the jail, also known as the pen or the can ... it's a slang used by people from the jail or by gangstas
by Emmanuel March 3, 2004
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When one reaches a point of intoxicatiion resulting in a night spent in a jail cell. A cross between being hammered and in the slammer:

Hammered + Slammer (jail) = Slammered
Person 1 "Hey man did you hear that Kevin got kicked out of the Whisky bar last night?"

Person 2 "Yeah man, he was so drunk he wound up in the piss tank, he was slammered."
by The dart 07 February 7, 2010
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Another word fo prision, jail, pen, crowbar hotel...and so on.
Zach went to the slammer fo robbin a bank.
by cartman5000 August 9, 2004
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