when you are making out with your girlfriend and you suddenly thrust your foot up her vaginal duct.
tristan gave stacy "the sasquatch"
by milk T December 27, 2007
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To be fooled or pranked by an obvious hoax or episode of shenanigans, as demonstrated by the musical comedy "Sasquatched! The Musical" www.sasquatched.com
"It's not Bigfoot . . . it’s the bar owner and his wife! We’ve been SASQUATCHED!"
by MadHatter63 April 21, 2013
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The "official" name of Bigfoot; a creature popularly described as being human-like in form but massive in size, appetite, and shoe-size (hence the name...). Often depicted as ape-like and bipedal, this hair-covered mammal is believed by arguably delusional hippies to be the last surviving link between modern man and our evolutionary past. It is believed that the creature resides in the dense forests of the American/Canadian northwest, due to the unconfirmed sitings of this creature in years past. The reason theorists believe it has survived so long is due partly to its elusive, defensively aggressive isolationist behavior, but also its ability to hibernate for very long periods of time after feeding seasons.
The sasquatch, much like UFOs, has had thousands of reported sitings, and not a single shred of verified physical proof found.

Picture a darker chewbacca with a human-like haircovered face.
by Davey X. October 26, 2005
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When you blow a huge load on the back of an unsuspecting partner and cover them with your kept shaved pubes.
"Oh man, just trimmed my bush after a couple of months and sasquatched the fuck out of this girl last weekend. Her back was covered in my pubes!"
by Deuce2Deuce November 10, 2016
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The protagonist of a series of commercials advertising Jack Link's Beef Jerky. Sasquatch is depicted as a large, hairy humanoid who is always getting pranked by humans eating Jack Link's Beef Jerky. This leads to Sasquatch becoming enraged and retaliating against his antagonists, with hilarious results.
by The Gun Monkey September 23, 2015
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Sasquatching is to do nothing with your day because you deserve it!
To be cosy, relaxed and chilled out on a weekend with no plans.
The ideal Sasquatch; watch tv/read, stay in pyjamas/bed eat lots of food and nap
“Say, Mike, what are your plans for the weekend?”

Oh you know me... I’ll be in the house, Sasquatching”
by Tru_definition November 10, 2018
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A useless worker who never shows up at work but still collects a paycheck. Now and then there are rumors around the office of an actual sighting, but many of the co-workers have never actually seen this person.
Anyone seen the sasquatch this week?
by The Chode February 01, 2005
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