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1. To be comfortable
2. To be soft or fluffy

British form of the word cozy
That bed looks nice and cosy.

This is a cosy jumper I have on.
by BuhBoyle March 14, 2006
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1. Stew and dumplings on a cold day.

2. Tucked up in bed with your partner.

1. My my its cold outside, i need some cosy food.

2. I love being cosy with you Steven.
by miss carebear April 10, 2009
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An adjective used to describe something that is "cool" or, as used to be said "sick". Believed to have been first coined in the North of England.
I just watched the X Factor final, it was cosy!
by nicol3isacat November 09, 2013
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When you and a friend are close but are not in a relationship. So you act like a couple but you’re not actually a couple
Guy1: β€œYou and that girl last night, you two looked real close!”

Guy2: β€œNah we’re just cosy with each other.”
by AcRa SwArM November 11, 2017
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