When you do a small kick outwards to get your ball skin unstuck from your inner thigh.
Man i was walking back inside work from a smoke break and my nuts was stuck to my leg i had to do the peel.
by JBurnsWenIP November 6, 2018
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In PVP video games, to peel is to divert a focused attack away from your allied member.
For example: You're playing League of Legends, and your enemy team repeatedly attacks your support team member. You use crowd control abilities and spells to stun them, stop their movement, ect , so you're support may escape or continue helping you. This is the act of peeling.
*Your party member Vayne is chased down by an enemy Xin Zhao and killed*
Vayne: gg no peel, afk
by Zi'Tah December 8, 2017
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To leave or exit or evacuate the scene/premises
yo im bout to peel, this party is wack
by ben May 15, 2003
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lingo for: circumcised; cleansed; cut; ouch!
A buddy of mine has decided, at the ripe age of 28, to get his banana "peeled". Ouch! He can no longer take the pain of his knobby being lynched everytime he has an erection! Ouch! again.
by talk2me-JCH2 August 3, 2021
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1) to be slacking off or doing absolutely nothing; being a slacker
2) to masturbate

from the Spanish: Se la esta pelando. (He is peeling it.)
Person 1: Man, just look at T-Rex. He's been sitting there all day just peeling it!

Person 2: No kidding! I wish I had a job like that!
by TitoBear June 11, 2007
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When you’re body starts sweating and your jungle gets moist you’re body begins to peel. The act of ones scrotum sticking to their leg causing them to peel the scrot off of their inner thigh typically making a sensory appealing sound whilst the testicles are removed from the hamstring.
Brad: damn chad it’s getting pretty warm out here. You peeling?
Chad: yeah bro I’m peeling like a musty pirate on a humid summer day!
by Bradley4422 March 29, 2019
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1. to undress

2. to steal a motor vehicle

3. to leave
don't peel in front of me like that.
by The Return of Light Joker March 14, 2009
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