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a quality in a female that compares her to a doorknob because "everyone has a turn"
I heard that girl hooked up with 7 guys at some party. She's knobby for sure.
by whua October 29, 2009
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Aka a penis.
It is an external sexual organ of male human. The penis is a reproductive organ and additionally serves as the external organ of urination.

It is used for give your lass one.
"I would very much like to polish your k-nobby"
by [nemo] July 29, 2008
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nipples larger than twice the size of regular raisins
Wow! Mikecappa's fuck is so knobby!
by Abubutronics May 30, 2005
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1. A rare breed of an ape-like man. Height varies from 6'4"-6'7".

2. clumsy buffoon, e.g horrible basketball player

1. to memorize cards in trivia games.

2. to be very forgetful when preparing for an event such as leaving for work or heading to a sporting event.

related forms
knobbyfest, knob goblin, rob the knob
wow, i just beat you 6-0 in a game of basketball! Your such a knobby!!!

waitress: "can i help you sir"
rob: "yes, i have a reservation for two for rob and lisa"
waitress: "will your guest be joining you later"
rob: "what do you mean?"
waitress: "well sir... your alone"
rob: "DAM IT!!! I knew i forgot something!"
waitress: "looks like you pulled a knobby!"
whole restaurant: "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
by confetti explosion May 07, 2008
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A great guy, hes a perfect boyfriend, he is amazing for advise. If you are every lost look for Knobby. He knows everything
Person 1: "im so upset what can i do?"
Person 2: "go to Knobby he always has something good to say"
by Keels_101_ November 17, 2014
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