When a circumstance is completely absurd and if something is unreal or unnatural. The phrase first gained popularity when it was heard echoing somewhere in Ioannina, Greece. It can even be traced back to an individual named Totoli "Wea" Pliakos, from whom it spread like a virus.

It is typical for people who have adapted this phrase to use it continuously to the point where it becomes frustrating. Saying "The Others" ad nauseam has been linked with the phrases like, "What are you saying to me, Mr. Ambassador", "The lamb is burning free", "Good Eveninoukozzz" and more.
"-I was Radiant 10 days ago and fell Diamond 1. It's the Team's fault!"
"-The others" - "The very others bro".

"Every Sunday I watch the Matrix episode and my eyes seen The Others".
by Respect0x December 28, 2020
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