A tall, red-haired person who gets high off of weed 24-7. Usually eating cheap tacos and inhaling incense.
You look as stoned as Schmitz!
by samiam6977 January 17, 2009
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One who will break your shins with a single glance.

One who falls asleep almost instantaneously.
Oh Shit! That Schmitz just gave me the look! My shins are doomed.

MC Fatigue of the WTF Collective is also known as a Schmitz.
by BAKAAAAARARRARARAR December 18, 2010
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The act of being untruthful in regards to ability while competing in a competition. Sandbagging to a large extent which may cost you friends and or associations with a group.
We got schmitzed in our match today. There is no way that guy plays to a 18 handicap when he shoots 83 and makes sand shots like that.
by ###LL$*EI December 03, 2019
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The type of poop that has the most horrifying smell that you can't help but laughing out loud in the stall/bathroom. A cross between smelly and shitz.
I hear laughing from that stall, Dan must have the schmitz.
by Duddda October 25, 2006
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A person who is getting high to the extent that their brain function reverses is, per definition, "Tom Schmitzing" himself/herself out of it. The person starts to talk in hieroglyphic gibberish or something that sounds like an animal noise, until they throw their hands up and fall into the next cushioned location. While the person seems fine at first, their greasy eyes and their mindless talking speak a different language. Be cautious of friends who are Tom Schmitzing in your smokers crew, you might end up losing your grams on these maniacs.

Also called "Tomming all over the place", which more commonly refers to puking after hitting a blunt, or "Schmitzing to the limit", this action is prominent among less stable individuals.

This is not to be confused with to pull a Tom Schmitz, which is a more prominent slang term in Central Europe.
"Bro what the hell you smoked our whole ounce while I took a piss?!"

"muwhaaaa hehehe"

"Come on man thats not fair! Seriously, you can't be Tom Schmitzing me again"

"mhuuuuuuuwaaaaa og kush kusshhhhyyy"

"Wow man he tom schmitzed the fuck out of your stash bro!!!"
"what not again - this guy keeps tom schmitzing the fuck out of my stash every week :'("

"Yeah i mean look he left some trace"

*lays in the corner sleeping*
by tiffanyleckmisch June 08, 2018
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