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To hug a person with the the arms extended and the elbows close to the body because you dont want the other person to smell your bad under arm odor.
I'm so gross and smelly; I've been giving hippie hugs all day.
by Read Them All August 05, 2018

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The ability to be clumsy while standing still.
Omg, I'm so clunky today; I kicked my own feet of the ottoman.
by Read Them All August 01, 2018

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An impolite way to refer to a Mexican house maid.
Plural: Chalupas
Aye nena, tell the chalupa to make me some breakfast.
by Read Them All August 01, 2018

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The moment social anxiety hits (often during conversation) and you think of all the worst possible outcomes and you can't stop your thoughts from snowballing leading to a slew of rambling texts or speech making the other person uncomfortable and possibly scaring them away.
I didn't get a text back, and I couldn't stop; I turned into a weirdwolf again.
by Read Them All November 28, 2017

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When a transgender woman gets into drama or scandals.
That tranny was getting into some shemanigans at the club; she hooked up with some rough trade in the bathroom.
by Read Them All June 01, 2017

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The action of texting someone you know a random thought or series of thoughts because you needed to remember it for later.
Sorry for the crazy messages, was so high last night I just started notebooking to you.
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by Read Them All June 11, 2018

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(Verb) When you are group leader in an online game and you remove the group as soon as the match ends so the group members who troll the opposing team can't be toxic to them.
(Noun) The group leader that quickly removes all members at the end of the match so their other group members can't be toxic to the opposing team.
Nix: Damnit Eva! Stop being such a tox block.
by Read Them All June 07, 2018

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