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A type of music so innocuous as to round the bend and be remarkably obnoxious. Always instrumental, and most often featuring a noodly overdriven guitar lead, though saxophones, usually soprano saxophones, are also common. Frequently heard as telephone on-hold music.

"Fuzak" is a portmanteau of "fusion", short for "jazz-rock fusion", used as synecdoche for "smooth jazz", a style of music known for its blandness, and "muzak", a genericized trademark referring to "elevator music".
If I have to listen to any more tech support fuzak, I'm going to turn into a gibbering idiot.
by wfaulk April 29, 2010
Installing that filter is a doddle.
by wfaulk December 4, 2003
To go without underwear underneath normal attire; to go commando
All my underwear is dirty, so I'm freebagging today.
by wfaulk August 13, 2004
slang term for an automatic transmission, possibly because the transmission connects the engine to the drive shaft using a fluid instead of a solid plate
Why would you get a sports car with a slushbox? They shouldn't even sell them without a stick shift.
by wfaulk December 20, 2005
External male ejaculation in a pornographic film onto his parnter's body. The term comes from earlier days of pornography in which sex acts were often simulated, and this showed that it was not. It was referred to as the money shot, because customers were willing to pay a higher price for actual than simulated sex.
It's a good thing we got the money shot unedited. Otherwise it looked simulated.
by wfaulk September 17, 2005