to get the skins is to have sex
dog fool, fool dog. i was cold mackin today fool. that bitch gave me the skins
by mike silva July 19, 2006
Performing sexual penetration of penis to vagina without a condom. Usually symbolizing more. Reserved and used only with someone special.
Juan was out of condoms so he went skin-to-skin on Kensey.
by ClamFest January 25, 2012
Any sexual action, bar none. When you're doing something sexual, your skin by definition has to be touching your own skin or someone elses.
Jacking off? Skin on skin
Fucking a chick? Skin on skin
Fucking a diseased monkey up the ass thereby spreading aids from primates to humans? Yes, skin on skin
by TorturedSoul January 2, 2010
(British slang) Rolling papers, esp. when rolling a joint.
by hux May 23, 2003
What happens to some people when they get their hair cut by someone does't know how to work clippers.
Person cutting hair(Clippers sound)-ZZZZZZZZZZZPPPP-
Person getting hair cut-WTF!Man,did u just skin me!!!-Holds Head-
Person cutting hair:Man,I just skinned yo a**.
by TheTruthIsMe February 1, 2011
do you like holding hands?
I think its one of the most intimate things. Walking, holding hands. Sitting, holding hands. You don't, you can't do it with just anybody, right? When youre too cool, its cheesy, when youre not feeling it, its a show, when youre young it might be meaningless, when you feel old, it could be ridiculous. So why do people hold hands?
Is it the softness of your skin that reminds me of the tender, fragile bond that we have established. the careful rubbing against your fingers that tells me i am not alone, i can be taken care of even as an independent entity, i feel pleasure in sharing my skin, my feelings with you who would enjoy it too?
by Bad Translator April 21, 2020