disney movie thats the awesomest ever go jimeny cricket!!...ariel can be known as "the whore of the sea"
damn! tonight imma go watch the aweseomest movie ever!@! the little mermaid
by wheaton <3 August 19, 2006
The feminine rebuttal to being the victim of a Superman by their male partner.

The act of Little Mermaiding is completed when the female masturbates and squirts on her sleeping partners face.

This usually results in the victim waking from a dead sleep in a panic thinking they are drowning.
Last night my husband gave me a Superman. I was so mad at him that tonight I soaked him with the Little Mermaid.
by HerPetKha December 19, 2013
While you're having sex with a female from behind in the bathroom and when you're about to orgasm you pick her up in lay on top of her in bath tub full of water and hold her head under water.
As i was doing Julie from behind in the bathroom i started to orgams so i man handled her up in the air and, splash splash splash was all you heard! Like a fish in a barrel...only she was my little mermaid.
by avionics outlaws April 3, 2008
Its when a girl gives you oral sex when your driving a boat

Dan: Hey guys I got a little mermaid yesterday on the boat
AAron: thats tight
by Dan aka M.O.B January 20, 2007
a woman whose pussy smells so bad the cats follow her.
i got a hookup with a little mermaid last night and now i have

to throw my mattress out!!!!!!!!
by driver_im8 June 14, 2009
To finger a girl on her period, (clunge being the ocean, body being the land) pull your fingers out an walk them up her body to her chest. Do a little jig with said fingers then ram them up her nose flapping around like a fish out of water!
"I'm going to make you a Disney princess"

"Can I be the little mermaid?"

"You won't be the little mermaid, I will give you the little mermaid treatment!"
by DOCKLads October 28, 2014