Adjective - Of or relating to guiding another person.
Person 1: "Hmm in retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have matched you line for line?"

Person 2: "Yeah I was thinking I should have been more guideful."
by WorldSmith December 21, 2014
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To lead or control someone, particularly when they are in a suggestible or intoxicated state.
"Detra, I guided you. You've been guided"
by proscriptionist October 21, 2009
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1. A person who is a guido and constantly acts like one, so instead of calling him by his first name you call him guids.
2. Usually has wierd italian name like Francesco or Carmencia
1. John: Hey this is so boring
David: Yea i wish we could do something fun
Billy: Hey somebody should call guids and tell him to come over
John: Yea we always have fun when guids is over.
by David Hudak August 17, 2007
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Acronym for Globally Unique ID. A 128-bit identifier, which is supposed to be guaranteed unique. Used for identifying stuff like software objects. Originally it was formed by combining an Ethernet MAC address with a 100ns resolution timestamp, but now a more complex algorithm is used.
I just hit Ctrl-Shift-G in Borland Developer Studio and it gave me a new GUID: {E9BAA03C-E2BE-420D-9554-5A08B7548068}
by panze May 02, 2008
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How you describe your win or something that you superiour-ly. Describes why you did something so well.
*wins a pool match*
Person: "Guided"
Person 2: "yeah I bet you were"
by llamallamadingdong November 17, 2016
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A young man that possesses qualities not unlike the common "guido," but is not Italian. Most commonly very large Romanian or Norwegian men with extremely short friends that highlight his stature.
"Stop hasslin' me, Guid, you're not even Italian!"
by Kelly O'Mouse November 21, 2009
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