A person whos wardrobe consistent mostly, if not entirely, of clothes that Al Borland from Home Improvement would wear.
Man, Sommers is sporting the Borland again
by GDuff May 2, 2006
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Wes Borland, formally of Limp Bizkit, Eat the Day and Big Dumb Face, is a renowned guitarist, best known for playing guitar using his fingers rather than a pick. In his time with Limp Bizkit, he played lead guitar. He and Fred Durst had issues with one another, which led to him leaving Limp Bizkit, eventually forming Black Light Burns, a supergroup currently touring after the release of their debut album, Cruel Melody.
''Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia, You fuckin' give me the creeps, you fuckin' give me the creeps...'' Wes Borland, Black Light Burns - Mesopotamia
by Black Light Burns October 13, 2007
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Joe Borland is a confident person who can very often have a gap in there teeth however that doesn’t stop them from having bad looks, many Joe Borland’s are born in the month of may and are pretty shit at singing and dancing. Despite the fact Joe Borland is a shit dancer and singer that doesn’t mean no one likes him infact many people find Joe Borland funny and kind and not very often rude or horrible...
‘Oh look Vanessa, that’s Joe Borland! Does anyone not like him’
by Gapoinyateetho February 3, 2020
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Quite a weird boy
Wanks 25/8
Very funny
Hunter Borland wanked on his pillow!
by hotbitchxoxo June 7, 2020
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A man of musical talent, who got his start as Limp Bizkit's first guitarrist. He left to persue other musical careers, such as additional guitars for the 'Underworld' soundtrack and a few riffs for The Crystal Method's 'Legion of Boom,' but has since then disappeared into obscurity because no one can make a living as a solo guitarrist nowadays.
Wes Borland was going places with Limp Bizkit, but he broke away and no one's heard of him since.
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the best guitar playa in the world!
and he´s back and he rulez..just buy THE UNQUESTIONABLE TRUTH (PART ONE) and listen! I know it´s PROPAGANDA but "THE PROPAGANDA" is much better!
by malkidash May 4, 2005
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