To be high or under the influence of marijuana.
Synonym for zooted, zoinked, high, etc.
Dude 1: How was the party last night?
Dude 2: I was straight goosed
by Bagelnose November 18, 2020
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A type of waterfowl that likes to honk. They are typically not very friendly, very territorial, and like bread a lot.
Human: “Look brother, a goose

Goose: “fuck you, you stupid waste of flesh. get off of my lawn. I want bread”
by Goose expert May 06, 2020
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The action of attempting breach on an unsuspecting anus with the use of digit(s).
Haughey made fast for the crest of the stairwell through fear of one of the boys gooseing his exposed arsehole.
by ricky diamond February 02, 2017
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The act of forcing your index finder up the clothed anus of a friend or stranger, so that they cry out like a startled goose, the word "goose" must be said before the action takes place
i shouted goose in the pub, no one covered up, so guy in front of me got a bit of a surprise when my finger penetrated his anus through his pants, so shocked infact he had no words to protest against the action, so he just squawked like a dishevelled goose.
by jkbomb91 March 30, 2015
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When you insert your thumb and pinky into the vagina and pat/rub the clit with your three remaining fingers.
by Ruby Wan-Kanoobie November 22, 2007
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To frolic around acting silly. Possibly touching an erected or flacid member.
Look at those guys goosing it, they are slapping Brad's penis. That looks fun. I want to goose it.

One time I was goosing it, and I got expelled from Chadwick for sexual harrassment.
by Brian and John February 21, 2006
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