ph v. make a loud sound of fear, shock, pain etc. shout or say something loudly
3. be crying out for sth - to need something urgently
1.Even the smallest movement made him cry out in pain.

John tightened his grip until she cried out.

2."Why are you doing this?" she cried out suddenly.

I felt too terrified to even cry out for help.

3.The kitchen is crying out for a coat of paint.
My parents had divorced and I was crying out for love.
by XpuCu October 10, 2008
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COL means specifically Crying out Loud.
COL/Crying Out Loud can be used in only one way: "My friend just died...I'm COL!"
by COL May 10, 2014
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A Pop Punk/Screamo band from Cape Cod, MA, sometimes referred to as '4COL.'
Fan 1: Hey, dude! Did you catch that 4COL show last weekend?
Fan 2: Yeah, bro! 'For Crying Out Loud' kicks ass!
by caribou4colfan June 8, 2009
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Crying Out Loud is when you laugh so hard that you start to cry. Think of Crying Out Loud as LOL's relative
A: Did you hear Johnny's joke?
B: It was so funny that I started Crying Out Loud
by CryingOutLoud February 14, 2020
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1) When you want to cry out loud because you are not part of the in-crowd.

2) When you get frustrated because no one makes a real attempt to get to know you.
"For crying out crowd! I am a person if you get to know me".
by Knottedkush October 16, 2011
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Exclamation used by the elderly to express urgency, annoyance, anger, etc...

see for pete's sake
modern translation: for fuck's sake
by kdhoffma June 26, 2006
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