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the act of repeatedly slapping your now flacid penis on a girl's face after ejaculating on her face or in her mouth while exclaiming, "Court is adjourned!"
After a nice dinner with my wife, we retired to our bedroom for a night of intercourse. After finishing the act orally, I proudly gave the gavel to the mother of my children.
by noels701 October 29, 2007
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A sex act in which a man is having intercourse with a woman in the missionary position, and, when he is about to orgasm, pulls out his cock and shoots all over the girls stomach. Before losing his erection, he slaps the puddle of gizz on the girls stomach and proudly declares, "Justice has been served".
Can you believe Ned pulled the gavel on that tri-delt ho last night? It was like judge joe brown up in that bitch!
by Tha Dogg October 01, 2006
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