another word for hectic, buff, kriss, heavy, gwan tings, ruff,
that bwai's bussin some weighty trainers!
by mc bite up next man's style December 4, 2003
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A phrase commonly used amongst the UK Garage collective 'The Pay As U Go Crew' expressing the greatness of an action or incident. This phrase soon became widely popular within schools around London circa 1999-2000.
Nah blud, you're going on weighty.
That girl's back-off was weighty.
These chips are weighty...ooh yeah...just like K-Ci!
by Blakkdon November 28, 2011
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somebody who is suspect, open to controversy and an all round shady person.
somebody really intense in nature and character.
dude, I'm not sure about that guy, he seems a bit of a weighty bastard.

I hate that guy, he's such a weighty bastard.
by bethamphetamine12 April 6, 2011
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