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Chenbot is the pseudonym of Big Brother USA host Julie chen. She earned that nickname for her robotic style and completely lifeless delivery of the show. Also for the scripted way in which she interacts with contestants and the audience, with no display of emotion whatsoever and a total absence of any charisma.
-It's like she's running an algorithm
-That's why she's known as the Chenbot
by grunch666 August 09, 2010
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Julie Chen, host of CBS' reality show Big Brother, has so much precision in her delivery than fans speculate she is not a human being and is actually a robot. She is thusly known as The Chenbot.
"The Chenbot is rocking the camel toe tonight."

"She tilts her head the exact same way every time. The Chenbot's delivery is amazing."
by Abe382393493 November 12, 2006
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A bot that is 100% based on Chen, it does what other bots can’t do, and can even honk! It can even steal your neighbor’s fridge at will! Make sure to treat it well however, it might end up scratching the floor.
That guy’s ChenBot stole my fridge! I need a lawyer!
by cookiez_ May 28, 2018
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