Meaning you are "the best" or "great." Relates to the street name for marijuana, assuming that marijuana is "the best" or "great."
Man, that party was the dope!
by plain goldfishes January 20, 2011
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Term for something cool or tight. It’s like saying dope, but twice as awesome.
Friend: “I got tickets to Disneyland!”

Me: “Dope Dope!”
by wildlifeguru August 25, 2019
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Saying something is cool. Most heard in big cities. Or, a drug. (Ex. Cocane/Mary J/ Dope)
'Yo that new shirt is dope!' Or 'Look! Some guy is selling dope!'
by DaBossBro128 November 1, 2015
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Adjective: Awesome, fab, cool, good
Your car dude, that's dope...
by globetraveler December 8, 2017
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Old people definition: Marijuana
Southern definition: Meth
Northern definition Heroin
Also dope can mean awesome.
My grandmother told me not to be smoking dope.
He was cooking dope in his house.
She is a dope whore who sucks dicks to buy more heroin.
That movie was dope!
by Pillowpantsjoe August 3, 2011
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A word used to describe just about anything good in life, good news, a sick skateboard trick, a nice sports car, etc. Also one of the most casual yet satisfying words in modern slang. It can be used to varying levels of intensity anywhere from a casual "dope" to a mega hype "that's freaking dope man!".

Some belittle this word's meaning to purely a reference to drugs, but I'd argue that's like one of those #3 definitions on, like who cares, only the #1 definition matters.
Kid 1: Yo I just got a sick new water gun from my mom
Kid 2: That's dope bro let's try it out on your sister hehe
Dude 1: *hits gnarly 720 on skateboard*
by JobeOneKenobi July 12, 2020
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Adjective used to describe the niceness, or awesomeness of a person, place or a thing.
That kid uses a spray can and paints with hella dopeness.

The emcees rocking the mic was the dopeness of the party.

A Dopeness Monster.
by Cyrano On The Mic January 17, 2007
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