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A classic dad insult for someone who is moving very slowly or not at all, particularly in traffic. Great for use in traffic when the guy in front of you is just sitting there with a green left turn arrow.

It's origin might be drawn from a situation where someone is so slow or lazy, that they pee their pants while sitting on the couch, hence sitting in a puddle of their own pee. But the word could just as easily be from a random combination of words thrown together in the heat of road rage.
Idiot 1: Sitting in car texting while the light turns green
Dad 1: *Beeps horn* Move your as* you puddlebutt!
by JobeOneKenobi July 12, 2020
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A word used to describe just about anything good in life, good news, a sick skateboard trick, a nice sports car, etc. Also one of the most casual yet satisfying words in modern slang. It can be used to varying levels of intensity anywhere from a casual "dope" to a mega hype "that's freaking dope man!".

Some belittle this word's meaning to purely a reference to drugs, but I'd argue that's like one of those #3 definitions on dictionary.com, like who cares, only the #1 definition matters.
Kid 1: Yo I just got a sick new water gun from my mom
Kid 2: That's dope bro let's try it out on your sister hehe
Dude 1: *hits gnarly 720 on skateboard*
by JobeOneKenobi July 12, 2020
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The ultimate insult, most commonly targeted at an annoying sibling or tradesman that comes to your house to do his job. There is no comeback to this, you automatically lose.
J: A can you do my makeup for my New Years party.
R: no she will mess it up remember what happened last time?
A: R you are such a butthanger.
R: :o
by JobeOneKenobi December 31, 2022
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