the other guy had a pretty thourogh description of this amazing album-one thing though on the documentary when he says "Until they sign my death certificate" that is referencing the album death certificate by ice cube.
the documentary is the best west coast shit ive heard in a long time.
by i wanna piss on you May 14, 2006
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Incredible CD by The Game. On it's 18 track he exhibits an unparralled level of lyricsm, originality, Credibility, and word play not seen in any CD from any Rapper from anywhere in a long, long time. He keeps it real while taking shot at JA Rule, Benzino and The Sauce and pays homage to the classics. Un like most rap albums today, (Which features a dopey party anthem, and then ''A Joint for the ladies'' which is then followed by the purchase of Cars, Bitches, And ''Bling Bling'' Fuck the faggot that came up with that term.) Game shines alongside the presence of many including Eminem, Tony Yayo,(Who spits another sub-par verse on a G-Unit Album ,See Ain't No Click) 50 Cent several times, and Busta Rhymes. Best West Coast relase since, how long? He touches on every subject from His Dreams, His son, To the lifestyle he lived.This album is the total package **** Five stars.
The G-Unit albums that preceded this album were:
50 Cent-Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
G-Unit- Beg For Mercy
Lloyd Banks- The Hunger For More
Young Buck- Straigt Outta Cashville
And now in that category:
The Game: Blows all previous CD's out of the water By far not even comprable

Track Listing:
1 Intro- Skit preformed by some schmuck
2 Westside Story- Lyrical Heat reminded you where he's from
3 Dreams- Oh Shit, Incredible rap record that's Title in Self-Explanatory Produced By Kanye West
4 Hate It or Love It- Sick song with 50 Cent that Is statin' the facts they're on top bitches
5 Higher- Party anthem, Kinda like a harder version of Overnight Celebrity
6 How We Do - Hit single
7 Don't Need Your Love- Similiar to Hate It Or Love It Tellin' you he's gonna do his thing if you like him or not.
8 Church For Thugs
9 Put You On The Game- The Lone song on the album on the song I didn't like He is the GAme onhe wants to put a girl on the GAme
10 Start From Scratch- If you could start over from the begining He's drunk on this one, very deep song.
11 The Documentary- Payin Homage to the Great Ones as the Hook goesIm ready to die(Biggie)
Without a reasonable doubt(JAy-Z)
Smoke chronic(Dre)hit it
Doggystyle (Snoop)before i go out
Until they sign my death certificate
All eyez on me (PAc)
Im still at it, illmatic ( Nas)

12 Runnin'
13 No More Fun and Games
14 We Ain't- Heat alongside EminemEstablishing their dominance in rap
15 Where I'm From- A laid BAck Westside Story with NAte Dogg
16 Special- He's gon' make his bitch feel Special Whoopde Fuckin' doo
17 Don't Worry- Assurin' His family things are gonna be okay
18 Like Father, Like Son- Tellin' tales of when his son was born
by Oscar January 19, 2005
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It's like a regular movie except it has ugly people.
Guy 1: man that movie had some ugly people in it
Guy 2: are you suprised it was a documentary after all
by Iloveashleys October 6, 2009
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Porn, what you watch when you masturbate
Hey man, don't come into my room for a bit, I'm going to be watching a documentary. KTHXBAI
by SLAMHOGSLAYER1 February 6, 2010
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The same thing as a real movie, but with ugly people.
"So I just watched the Sex in the City Movie"

"I heard that was a pretty good documentary"

"Oh no, its a real movie, it just happens to star Sarah Jessica Parker"
by SilentEDJ October 5, 2009
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A euphemism for sex.
Last night I watched a documentary with Jacquelynn, 3 times.
by NakedManBen August 18, 2007
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