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Gangsta rap was formed...i think it was '87 maybe earlier by N.w.A., the niggas wit attitude. people often get rap and gantsa rap confused when they say all rap glorifies rape, murder, women as sex objects, guns, etc...however when you hear these lyrics you are listening to gantsta rap, not just normal rap. gangsta rap is credited as the reason why hip hop music is so controversial. lately, gangsta rap has become much more tame (although it is still pretty hardcore, look at DMX) then the days of NWA.
If you hate hip hop and think it is all about bad shit, look at some other rappers that are not in gangsta rap, for example chamillionaire, paul wall, mos def, etc
by i wanna piss on you April 06, 2006

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the mtv based rapper who is the reason why everyone says rap sucks. go look up rap or rap music and you will see all the examples involve 50 cent in some way. absolutely no flow, uses the same rhyming scheme, and he has a group named g unit (g-unot). his biggest mistake was kicking the game out of g unit because the game is raw and the only good thing in g unit. is proof that mtv is destroying the hip hop music. also hes made a career on the fact he got shot nine times. also he starts beef with everyone hmmm ja rule, fat joe, nas, jadakiss...all better rappers than him. he is ruining mainsteam rap along with ludacris, chingy, and all the other corporate mainstream shit. you see this man you shoot him no questions asked
50 cent sucks eminems dick for starting him up and he knows if he ever leaves shady aftermath records he will be killed in a real rap battle
by i wanna piss on you May 12, 2006

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amazing urban poet who has a verbal sparring with jay-z

the thing all of you dont realize is that
a. both nas and jay z are incredibly talented musicians
b. they are not having an actual feud: it is nothing but verbal sparring
c. if you hate illmatic or reasonable doubt, you dont know rap music

the beauty of the nas and jay z "feud" is that both are talented in different areas of the very wide genre that is rap music
man the beef between nas and jay z is amazing theyre both so talented

now we got 50 and fat joe, 50 and the game, 50 and jadakiss, 50 and ja rule...
by i wanna piss on you May 29, 2006

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the other guy had a pretty thourogh description of this amazing album-one thing though on the documentary when he says "Until they sign my death certificate" that is referencing the album death certificate by ice cube.
the documentary is the best west coast shit ive heard in a long time.
by i wanna piss on you May 14, 2006

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yeah.....sayin that rap is shit isnt really a definition dumb asses. Really...rap music is NOT all about money, bitches, bling, cars, etc... you are thinking of GANGSTA RAP! 2 completely difrent styles of music! plus the best example you can come up with for shitty rap music is 50 cent yeah evryone knows he sucks huge dick. really the best you can think of is 50?
rap lovers almost never talk about other styles of music. I listen to rap almost entirely myself, but i got respect for other music styles and i wouldnt just write off your music so show some respect for others cultures.
i can perfectly understand the argument that rap is not music. (it has no melody) instead of thinking of rap as music think of it as poetry. and for the last fuckin tyme something from 50 cent is not poetry. go listen to some 2pac/dre/biggie/jay z, etc... if u want to hear some real hip hop music
if you think rap sucks so much, try writing one rap song. not just somethin like 50 cent, but i mean something real with flow and some good ryhmes. until you write a song to match something from notorious b.i.g., shut up about rap.
by i wanna piss on you April 03, 2006

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ebonics is the way of speaking used primarily by poor black people in the getto. saying that this style of speach is used by the ignorant is actually racist, as it is saying that black people are ignorant, (not true) based on their speech. all it is is new words to express your meaning and dismissing the speech as ignorant is an insult to an entire culture
frontin', wilin', f'sho, muhfucka, etc is an example of ebonics
by i wanna piss on you April 08, 2006

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the removal of a unborn fetus and thus killing it. Personally, I do not support abortion because I think it is wrong and often used as birth control


I also believe that since I am a man, it is not my place to tell women how to live their lives. Although I personally may think what they are doing is wrong, it is not my place to make a law banning this. And no, dont say "but its your responsibilty because its murder!" its not actually murder, more depriving someone of a future life. And think about it for two seconds: if you outlaw abortion, women will still get abortions. TRUST ME ON THIS. They will simply go to dangerous back alley abortion clinics.
Although I do not support abortion, I do believe its the womans right to choose
by i wanna piss on you May 30, 2006

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