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The opposite of, or what comes before, the click. The romantic relationship has not yet evolved to the point where both people believe that they are meant for each other or that their partner is 'the one'. This phrase can also be applied to a friendship. The friends can have obvious chemistry and love one another but, in the end, it means nothing without the confession of mutual love, thus creating 'no click'.
Person A: ugh! It's so frustrating, Christine and Stevie are obviously in love. Why can't they just confess their feelings already?
Person B: they haven't had 'the click' yet.

Person 1: omg have you read that new New Year's Eve 'no click' fic yet?
Person 2: YES it was sooo good. Although, I was hoping for a little more than a kiss, if 'ya know what I mean?
Person 1: oooh you saucy minx!
by Christine heard The Click January 01, 2016
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