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A perfect girl. She's incredibly witty, outgoing, both loud and quiet, responsible, incredibly organized, etc. Although only her closest friends know how crazy she is. She would make an incredible girlfriend. She's sexy yet cute, nice body, kind, affectionate, too damn loving, and is the sunshine on anyone's day. Few know, however, how they struggle inside, because they are perfectionists and love easily, they mentally abuse themselves and are broken inside. They face a lot of hardships, more than others, so they are the strongest of all. Usually they are either underestimated or overestimated, they may surprise both ways. Jacquelynn's are powerfull, yet only the ones that know her best know it.
Wow that girl is perfect...ought a be a Jacquelynn
by _ballofsunshine<3 April 29, 2019
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Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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Fun, outgoing, generally nice until someone pisses her off. Usually has a nice ass and some nice boobs. Curvy and thick but not fat. She has pretty hair and great complexion. Great in bed and loves to be kinky. Sexual fantasies are ones of a porn star. Hooking up with her will be the best hookup you have ever had. She is honest, trustworthy, and would make a great wife.
You had sex last night with a Jacquelynn? Dude it must have been kinky.

She has a nice ass, she must be a Jacquelynn.
by Ashleytyron nice February 01, 2011
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The most perfect girl you'll ever meet. The girl that when you meet her, you want to hookup with her AND marry her. Always keeps it classy, while still being flirty and fun. Jacquelynn's are a special breed of women and definitely know what they want. If you are fortunate enough to become friends with one, consider yourself lucky. Jacquelynn's are very independent and can have any man that they want, but they are incredibly hard to get. Awesome friends to all their friends and are very nice, caring people. Always beautiful, funny upbeat, cute, sexy, and overall amazing people. The greatest people of all time.
Is that a Jacquelynn... she is so damn beautiful.
by _ballofsunshine<3 April 29, 2019
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A fun girl who stays in her boundaries when her friends are rude to her. She likes to dance and do tumbling. Sometimes she might even sing. She’s usually short and skinny. Shes self-conscious of herself so don’t be rude. She wont take any crap from anyone so don’t expect her not to say anything isn’t your rude to her. But don’t take her for granted, she’s a little stick of dynamite and if you hurt her she might explode. Don’t make her mad or she might not want to be your friend. When you meet her, be nice and be her friend. She’s nicer than you think.
Friend 1: Did you see the new girl? I think her name is Jacquelynn. Isn’t she cute?
Friend 2:Ya...she kinda cute. What do you think?

Friend 1: She’s cute but she’s too short for y’all do you think she is, like 4’8??
by Dancer_Of_God November 15, 2019
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