A women's razor manufactured by Gillette. Also used as an insult to a male implying that he needs to use the daisy to shave his vagina after he acts like a pussy.
I can't believe he got the burrito bol. Someone give him the daisy!
by scooooooter September 29, 2009
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Daisie is someone unique and outgoing. She tends to be very sweet and shy. Don't let the shyness fool you though because once shes comfortable with you you'll see how freaky she can be. Very beautiful who more commonly has long dark hair, tall, athletic, and tan skin. Catches every guy's attention. Daisie is very funny and at times careless. She loves to help those in need of help. A Daisie is or will be a great wife and mother. Get you a Daisie. They don't come around too often
Daisie is so beautiful.
by DLove_ March 13, 2017
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Daisy is the name given to the most amazing girl to ever walk the earth.She is just perfect in every single way, she will deny that though,because she is super modest. Every time I see Daisy I get butterflies and to her voice gives me joy shivers.Daisy will have the most perfect beautiful eyes that you could stare into for all of eternity and hope they will look back into yours. Daisy is the most attractive girl you will ever lay your eyes upon and you would do anything to be with her for a single moment (including a 24 hour+ plane ride ;)) Daisy will just have this unexplainable quality about her that just draws you towards her and you never ever want to leave. she has the cutest, hottest and overall best taste in fashion in the world and everything she wears will look absolutely perfect on her, because she is perfect. ASDFGHJKL is the feeling you get from talking to Daisy among many other happy emotions. Daisy is the most lovable person in the world and anyone who thinks otherwise is just straight up wrong, those people suck. Daisy loves her family more than anything, she is the best sibling in the world .Daisy has a great sense of humor, she makes me cry with laughter.Thanks Daisy for being with me, making me feel special and loving me back. I'm not sure if you'll ever read this,but I hope if you do it made you smile. I'm pretty sure you can guess who this is. I love you so much. My life is 100 times better with you in it and I honestly can't imagine it without you. <3
Felix: "Dude,you're so lucky to have a Daisy in your life!"
Jake: "I know man, only the luckiest of guys can get a Daisy!"
Felix:"Are Daisy's really as perfect as you say they are?"
Jake "OMG, yes, like think of something perfect, times it by 1000 and you've got a Daisy
by nzninja99 September 12, 2014
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The most kind girl you'll ever find. Shy at first, but once you meet her you'll love her. She's beautiful inside out that any guy would die for. She will never show her emotions in fear of having to much attention. She's very artsy and talented related. Always care of her friend and never let's them down. Very sensitive yet very tough. You will never find anyone like a daisy. If you ever find a daisy she's worth keeping.
That's a daisy, you can tell by how beautiful and kind she is. Yup.
by yamillett May 25, 2015
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A girl you never knew you wanted or needed so bad, until you met her. Daisy is incredibly beautiful, but not typical- she is different but in the bestest of ways.

Daisy will normally associate herself with a certain group of friends, but even if that isn't you she is welcoming and loving.

Yes, sometimes quirky however, she will listen when you need her to. Daisy, is probably troubled with her own problems but will make time for you.
Thats her inside however, her exterior makes your jaw drop. Her hair long/short (it doesn't matter because it is perfect either way), her body isn't ridiculous- you can tell she eats well but can still be normal and have something sweet. Her eyes- almost a mix of the most stunning colours you can find with an added glimmer to them.
You want her to notice you... but you want her to be happy... because deep down you can't stop your mind from thinking about her... if only she felt the same.

Because you love her.
Daisy a rare human that embodies perfection
by odna February 10, 2015
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The name of a girl who defines the limits in terms of appearance, personality, intellect. Daisy is the girl that every guy wants to date and the friend that every girl want to have. She is kind-hearted, thoughtful and a very nice person to be around. She is also a great guitarist and pianist who can play everything perfectly.
"I wish I was a Daisy"-everyone
by AStrangerUTrust January 17, 2015
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Daisy is small and soft and very pretty. She is quite shy and finds it difficult to trust people, but this is gradually improving. She loves her food and is quite forward about asking for a meal and when she eats her table manners are not the best. She is very talkative, but is sometimes difficult to understand. She is not an intellectual, but sometimes exhibits some quite amazing insights. She hasn’t had the easiest of lives and this worries her sometimes as she thinks bad things may happen to her again. She loves to play and is very energetic, but she also loves to sleep and will spend hours drowsing with her eyes half-closed.
We got her from an animal rescue organisation, she’s a tortie-white cat and her name is Daisy.
by AKACroatalin April 26, 2015
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