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a random word, can fit into any charva's sentance
'aw hew pass us that drink hew....thanks hew'
by *** February 26, 2004
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A man with a ginormas sized cock. when women walk buy they normally pull his pants down and suck his god offly huge cock.
Aw man look at the dude getting a huge bj right now

i know he must be a fucking HEW

yea lucky basterd
by grahamisgay May 23, 2009
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To calve or chop to a pleasing shape with an axe or sword.
The Viking was seen to hew a lovely shape from a tree log,
using only his sword !
by Hewster July 30, 2006
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An extremly kind, funny, cute guy. Everyone loves being around. Lots of fun at parties.
Person 1: you going to the party?
Person 2: will Hew be there?
Person 1: definately!
Person 2: count me in!
by skylight@midnight October 17, 2013
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