a random word, can fit into any charva's sentance
'aw hew pass us that drink hew....thanks hew'
by *** February 26, 2004
The opposite of WEH.
by gooseeeee June 6, 2010
To calve or chop to a pleasing shape with an axe or sword.
The Viking was seen to hew a lovely shape from a tree log,
using only his sword !
by Hewster July 30, 2006
A man with a ginormas sized cock. when women walk buy they normally pull his pants down and suck his god offly huge cock.
Aw man look at the dude getting a huge bj right now

i know he must be a fucking HEW

yea lucky basterd
by grahamisgay May 24, 2009
to slice or to cut ( ,to cleave)
They hewed a path through the jungle.
The man used a scythe to hew his way through the field of grass.
I would rather hew wood, he exclaimed, than be a king.
Using "hew" in a sentence.
Hew hew hew, hew hew, hew hew hew hew hew, hew hew hew hew hew hew hew hew hew.

Hew hewed the hew, hew had been hewn out of HEW hews hewing Hew.
by eman laer ruoy esu t'nod September 13, 2022
an idiotic slang word for "you"
"y'alreet like wor kid hew?"
by bolly weaver August 6, 2003
like a bosnian
but a jewish bosnian
that person is such a bosnian
they're a jew too
goddamn hew
by ThorAx April 13, 2006