when you and your homie try to become a human burrito with one blanket, in an empty house at 12:44am. the idea is to roll together and become one burrito.
bro let’s do the burrito.
by dr. smiski November 9, 2019
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The act of rolling yourself up in a blanket to become a human burrito.
Don't mind Erin, she's just burritoing on the floor.
by Guv_Bubbs January 15, 2016
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When you roll yourself in a think blanket/comforter to the point where you make yourself look like a burrito.
Tonight I am going Burrito and watch some Netflix tonight.
by UbERmaN3221 September 22, 2015
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Burritoing (Verb) - The act of wrapping yourself in multiple blankets, nearing, but not reaching, the point of suffocation.
Cam was burritoing while watching a movie! He was so comfy wrapped up in all the blankets!
by Toasty Tortilla February 11, 2014
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The act of taking your blankets and rolling yourself up in them nice and tight. To perform the act, you "burrito" or you are "burrito-ing"
by sparklyunikorn February 28, 2014
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In the Sonara desert of northern Mexico, a dehydrated man called Juan Cuathalmetalmoctolpethactuactl, deprived of sex for more than 6 hours, met an attractive woman. The Mexican-Peruvian seductress agreed to make sweet love to Juan until the morning. When he woke up, he only saw a donkey, and realised he had hallucinated. There had been no Mexican-Peruvian seductress, and Juan was sad. Still, he accepted his son as if he was non-donkey-related. What came next, is legend. As Juan wanted his son to always know where he had come from, he decided to call him Burro ("donkey"). But Burro grew up to be a tiny Mexican, so his friends soon started calling him Burrito. This irritated him, so at the age of 10, on a schooltrip to Guadalajara, one night he decided to roll all of his classmates tightly into their own bed sheets, later claiming he "only Burrito'ed" them. The Mexican Policia sent him to Hocpoctolocpatecl Prison, in the South. There, he gained the nickname Bean, due to his amazing skills with beans which he developed during many lonely hours in the cell. Burrito "Bean" got out of prison 26 years later, ready to make it big. What followed was a chain of more than 6'000 stores, collected under the quality brand name, Taco Bell. And their first product? Exactly, the Bean Burrito, invented by and named after Burro "Bean" Cuathalmetalmoctolpethactuactl. Moreover, the specific product name Burrito has become a general term for anything looking like the original burrito.
nice burrito
right? right?! You should hear the story...
by pedrurrito April 4, 2011
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The act of rolling over in bed, unknowingly stealing all of the covers becoming completely rolled up in unfair warmth.
I tend to pull the blankets off of my bf when I sleep over. He had to nail one side to the floor to stop me from burritoing it!
by Dave Reed January 25, 2008
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