like a cubicle coma, when you have immense energy before class, but once you sit down, you hit the doldrums and get really sleepy. but once that bell rings and your out you gain all your energy back.
I woke up, went to the gym and hit it hard, but once i got to school, i went into a classroom coma, and found it hard to stay awake. After class, i went back into the gym and played basketball
by Paraphaneilya August 24, 2010
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Same as a Cubicle Coma but takes place in a college or high school classroom instead of a cubicle.
As soon as I sat down at my school desk, I started yawning and falling asleep, and was instantly in a classroom coma, but as soon as I got to my car, I felt wide-awake.
by Jite September 20, 2010
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A classroom gypsy is that kid who always just sits where ever there is a free chair and has not really 'claimed' his own. This usually occurs when a class mate has been away from school, ill or on holiday.
*Daniel sits down in Robbie's chair*

Harry: "Hey Robbie is back!".

Robbie: "Move it classroom gypsy, that's my chair!".
by Matty McL October 26, 2012
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Students who only attend classes and never use what they learn.
Primarily used in a Dance school enviroment, this can also be applied to many other types of schools.
Rob: When are Jake and Jill going to the Salsa club and use what they spent so much money to learn?

Roy: Never! They're classroom professionals. They wouldn't know what to do when they got there.
by Tebroc Eleek October 11, 2006
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Fantasy football for a college lecture class. Usually played to mitigate extreme boredom and/or anger at displays of self importance by fellow classmates.

Draft one person for every ten in the class, plus one Greek and one hottie. You cannot draft yourself. You must draft during or after the first class.

Point system:
One point if during class:
- Your Greek wears their letters to class (shoes and bags not withstanding)
- Your hottie looks better than your opponent's hottie on that day. If consensus cannot be reached, an arbitrator will decide.

One point if any of your other players:
- Makes a pop culture reference
- Tells a personal story (+2 if the prof cannot fluidly transition out of the story)
- Extends the class period with a comment or question
- Quotes a statistic
- Gives a needless summary of other people’s comments
- Uses a word clearly from the SAT/GRE verbal section
- Sucks up to or approaches the professor before, during, or after class for any reason
- Wears clothing from an Ivy League
- Makes a comment the professor immediately dismisses, interrupts, or just lets linger in silence
- Does a crossword (+2 if they finish)
- Falls asleep in class

If one of your players says, verbatim and without qualifiers, "I was wrong", you automatically win.
This class is such a waste of time, but did you see my greek rock his letters?! And Chris's awkwardly unrelated personal anecdote is totally two points." "I know, my team really didn't bring their A game, but my hottie dominated yours with that tank top, so today wasn't a total loss for my fantasy classroom.
by patinaoflogic September 15, 2010
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the next twitter memefest, a place where all the memers post their memes when the teacher dosent know. something worth to have a memorial for when your teacher catches you and puts you out of google classroom.
noah: hey did you see my post on google classroom
patrick: no
patrick: did you see my new meme
noah: ye
by That_One_Wierdo March 28, 2018
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one of the best anime's ever with an emotionless badass main character that makes you want to change you're personality. 9/10 would recommend
Fergus : yo bro what did you do last night

Alex : i watched classroom of the elite
by Haremking1 February 11, 2021
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