ar'-bi-tray-ter: A cook who leaves Arby's to work at McDonald's.
The cook became an arbitrator when he left Arby's to work at McDonald's.
by Penbiks October 5, 2006
A judge, jury & executioner at a one stop shop.
Usually a posher version of a normal lawyer.
This rare breed of attornies mastered the art of ripping you off your life savings by enjoying government protection because their trials and secret and not published.

This is the type of lawyer that sits behind a mahgony desk sipping scotch and talking to his fellow Freemason friends about the beauty of the 1st amendment while you soil your a*# out in courts.
Trump decided to withdraw from NAFTA because he found that the arbitrators judgments were unfair towards the United States.
by Urban Jack 11 February 14, 2017
A day of celebration and feasting on roast beef from Arby's to expand the stomach capacity for Thanksgiving.
Arbitration is a week a way and i am already imagining the beef sweats.
by arbitration movement November 19, 2013
To arbitrarily adjust an objective measure thus creating a purely subjective measure.
Mr Barnyard arbitrized our exam results such that his favourite students all scored an A.
by Plea May 16, 2011
transactions which provide an opportunity to expose market inefficiencies with little to no risk, which are typically financed by large, international banks
J Dubya mentioned to the team from Goldman Sachs that XYZ Bank will finance anything that provides an arbitration opportunity.
by hang_low March 4, 2009
To make an authoritative judgement on something.
Hym "Jesus Christ, 😩 well, if writing and moralizing isn't work, then you aren't doing it either. Who the fuck IS this guy? He's trying to arbitrate what constitutes a 'Good person.' Who should be famous. Colluding with media and government officials who are lauding you as a prophet for pedaling a bastardization of the religious canon to people who he proclaims cannot think!? Not to mention the ME references (from the Andy Ngo video onward)enough of which could fill an hour long compilation video that constitutes a externally imposed faux schizophrenia. While he wages a war against a noisy minority whose existence seemingly only benefits people on his team."

Iam "He's like a Palpatine!"

Hym "He's like a Palpatine. I mean, he seems to at least be Palpatine-adjacent. And he's trying to wield his non-elected ethic that literally boils down to: 'It's not arbitrary. I deserve this.' against a green haired boogie man whose entire ethical system is derived from Hollywood and institutions that have been co-opted by communists!"

Iam "I mean, that would be how you take over the world though...."🤔

Hym "How do you mean?"

Iam "Create a problem for which you are the one true prophet and solution and then collude with the media and the government of multiple countries for the sake of your own aggrandizement."

Hym "OHO! That's deliciously evil! He's a Sheev Palpatine!"

Iam "We're in the middle of an Ethos vs Pathos war! He's the Palpatine!"

Hym "Hohohoho that is hilarious!"
by Hym Iam July 27, 2022
Someone who worked at Arby's but quit to work at Burger King.
Arby's Worker: Omg guys its the Arbitrator get the shotgun!
by [GM]Eagle July 11, 2008