a place (noun )where children are trapped from 6-7 hours to do work
throwing up is a good way to get out of the classroom , remember this you who is on here during class
by purple LOUD mouth November 27, 2020
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The torture chambers used by satan to force you into debt.
The classroom is full of teachers for some reason
by IoI69420 February 14, 2022
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The place you will dread being all through life until the end of college. You will be there until you finally get a life and leave your dumb parents basement. You suck!
Little Johnny will be in the classroom until death as we know it.
by Rainbow 2223 April 15, 2016
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This is a game when the teacher will let you in the classroom. Make your whole class be noisy until the teacher loses it! The teacher will then send you out, this is out the Classroom. The teacher will then invite you in again, this is in the classroom. This is a fun game you should start playing today! P.S This game can be endless!
(Noun) In the Classroom, Out the Classroom | When you go in and out of the classroom

Teacher says “GET OUT!” This is out of the classroom. Teacher says “ Come in,” this is in the classroom.
by Jimmy. Brother of Timmy June 18, 2019
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