Hit it hard is a saying used in the the motorcycling world,typically said by your friends or family as you set off for a ride.The reason it is said is because they dont want to see you in a wheelchair if you crash and would rather you be dead for yours and their sakes.
(son) going for a ride on his suzuk bandit 1200
Im out for a while on my bike !
(parents) Hit it hard son,hit it hard.
by Adam the definer ! June 14, 2015
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For one or several people to wake up in the morning well rested and ready to make the day their “bitch” otherwise known as hitting the ground running
Me and the boys decided we were going to be hitting it hard in the morning
by BigredCherry September 16, 2020
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1- A way to tell someone to induce in a violent action against you in a really hard way. For example punching someone very hard.
2- a way to tell someone to fuck you hard.
Guy 1: hey can you hit me hard?
Guy 2: in what way?
Guy 1: bruh
by I'm funny I swear March 23, 2021
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When a person let's say his name is "Dante" fell on the floor everyone felt that
he hit the floor too hard
by hitthefloortoohardkid November 12, 2019
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When a girl is so hot that screwing her could be nothing other than mythic or legendary.
That is the hottest girl I've ever seen. I would hit that so hard the next person to pull me out would be crowned King of England.
by AirRon October 11, 2007
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For example, a football player working hard every practise in the last months..

"You've been hitting it hard this last months, keep up with the good work.."
by Boda123 April 14, 2022
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