Something that's nearly perfect but has 1 or 2 issue(s).
Person 1: What do you think about Pancakes?
Person 2: Pancakes... They're a 9/10.
Person 2: Wait, really? Pancakes aren't a 10/10?
by VincentGo! August 16, 2019
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Trends associated with life before 9/11/2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked. Also used mockingly to insinuate a person is out of touch with current trends.
"Bill Clinton? He is so 9/10".
by JMcKelvey January 3, 2007
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Having an erection.
Hey joe feeling 9/10 right now, I can see it in your pant.
by shaunl April 3, 2022
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A vine that was made with a little kid.
guy: you stupid

l kid: no im not

guy:whats 9+10

l kid: 21

guy: you stupid
by Chadwick101 October 15, 2014
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A vine that was created by a younger boy and his older brother in which the boy says that the sum of 9 and 10 is equal to 21. This vine was scripted for him to say 21, and he is not stupid.
"What's 9+10?" - brother
"Twenni-Wan!" - younger brother
by thadefinekid February 13, 2016
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Person1: your stupid
Person2: no I'm not
Person:1: then whats 9+10
Person2: 21
Person1: your stupid
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9+10= 21
yassss 9+10
by $Unkown$ October 26, 2016
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