A guy everyone is lucky to meet. He is one of a kind and a really great person in every way. He is the most amazing guy on Earth. He's a fantastic listener and gives the best advice and motivation. This is because he is so inspiring and has a great heart. He has the best taste in everything from music to style to cars. He will never fail to make you laugh. When you meet Robbie, your life will change and you will discover your destiny. A day without Robbie, simply, isn't a day.
Emily: wow I'm in love with Robbie!
Obama: Me too!
Earth: Me too!
by your baecon May 27, 2014
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Big dick and will eat you out like an all you can eat Chinese buffet
Fancy a all you can eat Chinese buffet

Rose “ Robbie’s dick is massive I had to use 5 hands to handle it”
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A fun-loving, witty, intelligent individual with a great sense of humor. Creates elaborate jokes to keep himself and others entertained. Some Robbys may be missing the filter in one's brain that indicates whether or not something is appropriate to share aloud. Expresses himself through his great musical and artistic talent, and loves to write, record, and perform. Is greatly valued for bringing entertainment to social gatherings, and has warm, inviting vibes. Despite the hard times he has had in his life, continues to have a big heart and a huge capacity for emotion. His beautiful eyes reflect deep caring and you can easily get lost in them. His big heart and the affect of evil in the world have left him with an uncanny tendency for self-destruction if he does not seek out help in healthy places. Functions best when sober but unfortunately can tend to surround himself with people who enable his addictions. Robbys need to interact with people who understand them on a spiritual level so that they can open up and continue spreading their love and joy to the world. Robbys also have an intense sex drive, often involving the ability to achieve an erection and ejaculate over and over and over and over and over again... in the same day.
"That guy is so fun and talented (and kind of inappropriate,) he really made me laugh but then I totally got lost in his emotional eyes..."
"Does he have good vibes and a crazy sex drive?"
"You must have met a Robby."
by showroomkitty January 21, 2013
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intelligent , beautiful , and amazing . one of the best friends you will ever have . a good shoulder to cry on , she will do anything for her loved ones .
Robbi is so amazing !
by fedexlovesyou<3 August 16, 2010
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Robby is an amazing person with flaws just like any other. He's a caring and wonderful human being with the most amazing smile. His eyes are captivating and his lips draw you in. He's cocky beyond personal beliefs but he cares about everyone else. He can be a team player. Super fantastic in sports. He's got a weird sense of humor.
If you fall for a Robby, be careful. He'll get you wrapped around his finger. You'll be his number one priority even when you feel like you're not.

He's down to earth and a gentle guy. He'll give you the shirt off his back. He'll blow off his girlfriend to make sure you're okay. But, don't worry girlfriends of a Robby, he'll do that for anyone. It's just in his nature. He seeks approval from everyone and he gets let down a lot when he is not approved. He's an emotional wreck and you won't know what you're dealing with half of the time. He's very short tempered but quick to apologize.

All in all, a Robby is an amazing boy and you should all be extremely happy that you know him. <3
Man, that girls boyfriend is such a Robby.
by Sparks TicTac September 25, 2011
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"Robbie" is a guy who seems weak on the outside, but conceals a river of brilliant thoughts on the inside. He finds it difficult to take control of a group and prefers working solo, where no one can judge him or slow him down. Inside his head are conflicting emotions, he is constantly at battle with his own instincts, shoving aside sexual thoughts to focus on the present, constantly keeping in shape, completing set tasks and loving that special someone for who they are and not what he wants them to be. When he puts his mind to it, he can accomplish anything, always going that extra mile for what he deems important, always challenging the impossible. Even when times seem tough, he'll never resort to suicide or self harm, he'll power through it, giving up at nothing.
While being shy at times, he is easy to make friends with, but finds it difficult to make friends himself.
While others stand gawking at the horizon, marvelling their existence, he'll be working hard for his future, stopping at no terms but his own.

Before you judge someone on the outside, you might want to take a look inside.
Hey, did you see the new kid? What a runt.

Welp, you never know, he might be a "Robbie" on the inside.
by Xx_The precocious kid_xX January 24, 2015
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A very intelligent, attractive, and all around great person.
by cb49747 February 5, 2010
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