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The act of subconsciously creating, imagining, or crafting something, including, but not limited to, a person, place, or memory, and then fully believing that the imaginary thing is real.
“I was stellaing. It was accidental
by Defnotacult August 2, 2023
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A short walk, or run, normally by a body of water.
Alternative definition: to write a short, 10-20 sentence, paragraph describing the unpleasant effects of cycling.
The other day, I did a century
by Defnotacult August 2, 2023
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The act of contracting smallpox, while simultaneously jumping off the Empire State Building.
“I’ll do a century (Century), as long as you do a cartwheel.
by Defnotacult August 2, 2023
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bat·man. /ˈbatmən/
(Noun) A rich man with a bat fetish, who also happens to be furry and a paedophile, with both mommy and daddy issues
by Defnotacult July 7, 2023
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