A man that is horrible and treats his youngest son horribly.
“I hate Endeavor from Boku no/My Hero Academia.”
by Animenerd530 March 21, 2019
A My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia character who's an absolute asshole.
"Todoroki, who's Endeavor?"
"My father, an asshole."
by DEKU YOU BASTARD May 31, 2021
To attempt (fulfillment of a responsibility or an obligation, for example) by employment or expenditure of effort.
Endeavored to improve the quality of life in the inner city.
by VividFilth July 11, 2006
Jayden: endeavor is good right?
Jessica: no Jayden, you fucking failure
by Toni Spark April 25, 2020
try hard to do or achieve something.
an attempt to achieve a goal.
earnest and industrious effort, esp. when sustained over a period of time.
an enterprise or undertaking.
"he is endeavoring to help the Third World"
"an endeavor to reduce serious injury"
"enthusiasm is a vital ingredient in all human endeavor"
"a political endeavor"
"the company endeavored to expand its activities"
"an endeavor to build a more buoyant economy"
"enthusiasm is a vital ingredient in all human endeavor"
"a political endeavor"
by j0rd4nkzf September 3, 2013
(VERB) Past tense of the noun 'endeavor.' To be terminated. Fired. Whacked. Especially at a large company.
"Damn, did you hear John got endeavored?"

"Did you see the e-mail. John in programming got endeavored."

"John is no longer with Clear Channel. Wish wish him well in his future endeavors."