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Word made up by PR bods to attempt to boost popularity and editorial value of mediocre food products.

Follows general marketing/ PR rule of thumb that if you can't think of a word that fits what you're describing, then just make up a new word, either by adding 'sexual' or 'ability' to the end of it. See also campaignability
This product really speaks to those gastrosexuals out there who want to show their friends how skilled they are in the kitchen.
by claire_j_b October 26, 2010
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When something is deemed to have advertising value by marketing 'big wigs'.

Often used by people who don't have access to a dictionary - or PR types who like to make up their own words, usually by adding 'ability' to the end of a word. Or 'sexual'. See also: Gastrosexual
This viral is really real, but still adheres to all the brand messages that we're trying to convey this year. It has great campaignability.
by claire_j_b October 26, 2010
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