Colette is the best person you'll ever meet. She's cute, beautiful, and sweeter than any chick flick ending you'll ever see. She's funny and has a million stories to keep you laughing all night long. She's a great conversationalist and loves to make you love yourself. She knows everyone deserves respect, so she gives it to you. She's the perfect picture of a person and if you ever meet a Colette, don't let her go. You'll never find another. She will make your life instantly better when you speak to her, and you'll never get enough of her. Colette is the love of your life. The girl of your dreams.
I love you Colette
by I_think_you_know_who_ it _ is September 6, 2017
An amazing person who knows how to always lighten the mood. She can turn any dull mood into absolute craziness (in a good way). She is an amazing friend that will always your back. She's the type of person that you can call at 3 in the morning and she will gladly beat the shit out of whoever made you upset. She can party hard and always knows how to have a good time. She is beyond chill. She is gorgeous in every way.
"Wow, she looks like she is someone who is really chill."
"She must be a Colette."

by 5646816847 March 23, 2009
Super clever and knows what's going down always has her friends and family's back and is definitely a ride or die chick, falls deep for her man and is always the life of the party, but be warned don't fuck with her cause she will get you back.
That Colette super clever and cool sexy as hell
by Jason's wifey July 1, 2015
A total badass/beast, a girl who can surprise you with her ability's. Very cool and down to earth. Won't get mad at little things. Very funny and sarcastic, but sometimes the funniness is hidden beneath shyness. Is a pretty girl who everyone likes. Can turn a tense situation into a nice one with a joke.
Person 1. "Wow man, that girl has a nice facial bone structure."
Person 2. "Must be a Colette"
by Anonymous577 February 24, 2014
Colette is a one-of-a-kind person. She is effortlessly flawless and takes your breath away with every movement. She is sunshine on a rainy day, she is the cool breeze in the summer, she is the touch of big soft blankets, and the feeling of big warm hugs. Not only is Colette drop-dead gorgeous, she is also one of the kindest, most loyal, funny, and talented people you will ever meet. A Colette has big soulful brown eyes that will make you fall in love with her at first sight; and, you'll fall deeper and deeper with every passing day after. Even a Colette has problems, she can be hard to get to know on a deeper level and usually has no idea how amazing she really is. If you ever meet a Colette, give her the world and hold on to her as long as you can, you may not find one again.
1. Henry: Who is THAT?! She is GORGEOUS.

Tessa: I have no idea, but I'm in love. Look at her, she must be a Colette.

2. Person1: *choking. forgets how to breathe*

Person2: Woah man are you okay? Do you need help?

Person1: No, no, no I think I'm okay. Colette just showed up, that's all.
The best person to ever have lived, with the coolest and stylish fashion sense. Colette is talented and fabulous.
"Hey, did you see that girl over there?"
"Yeah, she is such a Colette"
A curly fantastic person with an infectious laugh, caring and loving . Every party needs a Colette and things always seem much better when she is around. Full of ideas and ideals she wants to make a difference in the world. Feisty and strong but prone to being hot tempered.

Her emotions run deep and she can often find it difficult to contain them and also, paradoxically let them out.
Colette takes on challenges even when they seem scary, battling on against all the odds she comes out victorious.

Intelligent and beautiful with knowing eyes, she has psychic abilities and is very spiritual.
"That's a loud laugh Colette must be here"
by LSPLEN February 6, 2010