Something that can give immense pleasure until the batteries are dead.

Women should never insert something battery powered into their bearded clam in case the battery leaks and burns them, but this doesn't stop Britians ever growing Rampant Rabbit using population.
Radio controlled cars, ipods, remote controls and vibrators are all battery powered.
by Jamie Douglas December 7, 2006
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an unattractive male with great prowess in the bedroom. One able to keep things hopping all night long.
Man!.....that guy isn't much to look at..... but he's a battery powered frog.
by Jimtara March 16, 2008
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Low battery power on your phone can automatically turn on battery saving mode, or when the low battery alert appears, you will have to turn battery saving mode on manually.
by bluestinger66 May 7, 2023
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