that nigga got a biiiig baseball bat if ya's get what im saying

no time to purify the world when he can be purifying hot italian assssssss
"You're walking funny, what happened?"
"Fucked The Batter last night."
by sici November 12, 2013
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dylan fort e was all 'ard but e's a cripple now cos e got proper battered by sam when e called im a mong
by TheHunterOfPussy November 26, 2016
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To beat up or hit aggresively with the upmost vigour.
I battered those idiots in Clover Drive when they said I was batty!
by Kristian Aitken July 3, 2003
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Severe intoxication through alcohol consumption. Typically characterised by a total lack of inhibition often demonstrated through particularly foolish dancing. One step above steaming on the scale of drunkenness and one below shell.
I'm pretty embarrassed about last night... I was completely battered.
by jayseebee July 13, 2004
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