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As I remember it, the Motts brand of Applesauce had a commercial years ago with the catchphrase "That's the Motts," which was meant as extremely great or the best.
Yeah, she's 'the Motts.'
by LefkyTheShin February 07, 2011
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The best way to describe "the motts" is like this:
Do you remember the first time you watched a bad daytime interview show, like Springer or something, and someone is just making a total ass out of themselves, doing or saying something very uncomfortable?
Or when you are sitting through a high school talent show and all of a sudden you feel embarrassed for your classmate who is singing "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston?
You sometimes have to cover your eyes, or look away.
Thats "the motts".
Watching this play is giving me the motts!
by Jodie Dalle December 11, 2008
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The Motts is simply a term used to describe an indescribable feeling of uncomfortable disgust and awkwardness. This can be used in any form, from social situations to describing movies.
"Man, old episodes of MASH really give me the motts!"

"This old man who smelled like meat came into our store today and spoke to me in monotone for 45 minutes about Starwars. I had the motts so bad!"
by Jason Debiak August 14, 2007
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when something is extremely awkward. the awkward is usually unspoken.
Dang, I caught my dad jerking off to milf porn after my mom went to the grocery store and it gave me the motts.
by Raven K. July 22, 2009
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