To grasp something abnormally tight until it either explodes, turns blue,contains thins, is crushed or sues. Sometimes all four.
This is how all blind girls should hold their boyfriend's cocks whilst furiously trying to brush a spider off it, that he is damn sure is there.
1. Stifler was caught in a Lesbian Stronghold in Am Pie 2
2. The way Peter Parker has to hold his cock to do wee wees in that red wetsuit movie trilogy.
3. A place where hidden things are usually found.

SON: Dad, i;ve noticed that you have no testicles. explain.
DAD: They're in your Mother's Stronghold son.
SON: Her Handbag Dad?
DAD: Yup.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish November 8, 2007
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in a FPS game, a location which is easy to defend that several poor players camp at, and must be breached.
Let's go destroy their lesbian stronghold.
by brekko July 25, 2014
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An act during anal intercourse where an otherwise loose anus is quickly tightened during orgasm.
"Oh, Jeremy Sword, I'm gonna show you why they call me FLEX STRONGHOLD *urk!*"
by Jeremy Sword April 20, 2009
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a shitty part of town full of niggers.
Look, its a crackhead, we must have just passed a nigger stronghold.

I hate nigger strongholds
by Joe Jimmy April 5, 2007
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Star Wars The Old Republic game's variant for Netflix and Chill. Except that strongholds are huge ass facilities that cost a lot of money, and you watch Netflix on the futuristic hologram. Sure to impress any woman.
Rich guy: Who wants to Stronghold and Chill?
Rest of SWTOR chat: me please
by gimme the money March 31, 2016
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