Im Indian American from Shithole USA! (true story) Indians are such nice people too bad these asshole Americans don't get that
by AverageWeirdoSplatoonFan October 25, 2023
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What idiots call Native Americans, even though there is exclusively another race who are called Indians.
dumbass: Look at all those Indians on the reservation over there
Me: Those are Native Americans you dumbfuck
by Dubiks January 18, 2019
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People talk about genocide like it just happens in Africa to get their focus off what happened on Indian land in the last few hundred years. Thanksgiving is the most pretentious and insincere holiday there is. People pretend to be thankful to live on Indian land, especially the white people who think they're doing the Indians a favor by decapitating a Columbus statue and protesting it.
Thanksgiving is what the people desperate to convince the Indians and everyone else they don't care what anybody thinks of them would call a holiday like Thanksgiving. People quit thanking the Indians for their land a long time ago.
by Solid Mantis November 26, 2020
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Indians are everywhere, even in my fav song "bolo tara ra ra.."
by i live on mars July 7, 2022
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When your IT department holds you hostage by creating a program that doesnt quite work
We are on the 32nd revision of my web storefront. Every time there is a change I get charged. I believe we have been Indianed!!!
by kuldeep July 4, 2013
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Indians should be the most unrestricted people in the country, yet they are the most endangered.
If anybody should be making decisions or controlling the weapons here, it is the Indians. The Indians making decisions for themselves and speaking for themselves as their own voice, rather than a mystery entity like She speaking for them as their voice or giving them hope they might think they need, but really don't need from anyone outside their own people.
by The Original Agahnim October 13, 2021
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