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A place where you sit around a computer for eight hours watching movies, texting, and playing minesweeper.

Other responsibilities include adding/removing computer hardware, testing software, checking the database, replacing printer cartridges, ordering computer parts, and troubleshooting around the office.

Also the fax machine is always broken and there's never coffee in the break room.
Working in an IT department isn't very convincing but the pay rate is awesome, especially if you're fresh out of college.
by pregnant rhino January 16, 2012
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A place within your office you call if your work computer isn't working properly.

Often filled with lazy arrogant foreigners who belittle you and think you are stupid and don't know how to work a computer.

Most common response from IT: "Have you tried turning it off and on?"
2nd most common response from IT: "You must have forgotten your password, try it again"

The level of frustration you feel when dealing with your IT Department can make you avoid it at all costs.
J: my computer isn't working, I can't login

K: call the IT Department

J: no you call IT
K: no you call IT
by Kattilak December 06, 2016
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