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A great book. Takes place sometime in the future, in a utopia. This community has no diversity or difference among its residents. Later it is realized to be a dystopia, for the way they "release" (execute) some of the citizens, for population control reasons. (Oops! Did I just spoil it? Sorry!)
Jonas, a member of the community, is chosen to work under the Giver. He is a man who stores all memories of sadness and strife. Later in the book, he tries to reform the community by running away, releasing all his kept memories, so the citizens can learn from them.
"Dude! The Giver movie's gonna come out in 2011!!!"

-"The Giver is the worst book ever."

-"Have you ever read it?"

-"Pft. Who reads? LOL!"

3. "Jonas turns me on."

by Yukie October 21, 2008
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(n.) Name given to an image of a man with a grossly elongated penis (see Priapus and Fertility god) that appeared on the original page. It is a joke of sorts, the inference being that Goatse is "the taker."
The Giver made a brief appearance on
by Dylan {***DaShizz***} October 11, 2009
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