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Roman diety associated with fertility. Represented by a life-sized male statue with a very large erection.
The statue of Priapus indicated that an orchard was nearby.
by J E Walker December 26, 2003
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A priapus is a sports car with an automatic transmission, derived from the Greek god Priapus, who had an enormous but impotent penis. (pry AY' pihs)

A priapussy is one who drives such a vehicle. (pry'ay PUH' see)
I can't believe he just got a Porsche priapus. What a priapussy!
by Yiznontz May 15, 2008
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Priapus was a minor fertility god, protector of livestock and the male genitals, for which he is famous for. He is usually depicted as a man with a massive erection. It was said his erection was so large that he could not move
Person 1: Dude!!! Priapus is totally my idol.
Person 2: Whoa!!! I pray to him every night for bigger size!!!

Person 1: Dude, I am totally like Priapus right now.
Person 2: Yeah right! I came past that size years ago!!!
Person 1: (Shocked Person 1 knows how large his size is)
by GodExpertz September 10, 2011
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